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Stame S.r.l. was established in 1977 by Canali brothers, who are still the owners. During the years the company specialized...


The industrial sectors in which our products are mainly employed are: locks, different mechanical products, household...


Stame employs a quality system control whose validity is certified according to International Standard UNI ISO 9001:2008.

3000 Components

In 2012 Stame produced the impressive number of more than 3000 components. This represents the ability for Stame to manage more than 3000 Tools and Aritcles, thanks also to its numerous clients!

Somaloy powders

The activity of Stame as a producer of components for magnetic applications which use the cutting-edge Somaloy powders from the well established swedish company Höganäs AB is represented also in publications whose aim is to spread the knowledge of this promising technology.

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New Oven for Vaporization

Stame inaugurates the setting up of its brand new Oven for Vaporization through sperimental analyses which aim to an evaluation of significant values affecting this process used in the Field of Powders Metallurgy.

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